Finally, you must call show_custom_badge() to display the badge background and badge lines we set up.


Following the set up of badge_background and badge_line, you MUST include this line of code! show_custom_badge() triggers the background and text lines to display. Without it, nothing will display.

If you have no other code in your while True: loop, you should call show_custom_badge() inside the loop. For example, if all you wanted to do was show the badge, you could use the following code:

from adafruit_pybadger import pybadger

                          rectangle_drop=0.2, rectangle_height=0.6)

pybadger.badge_line(text="@circuitpython", color=pybadger.BLINKA_PURPLE,
                    scale=2, padding_above=2)

while True:

If you have other code in the loop, you can call show_custom_badge() before the loop to display the badge on startup and allow for the code to display different things in the loop.

That's all there is to using creating a custom badge with a color-block background!

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