This is one specific implementation of the scale for use on an espresso machine. Your build will vary depending on the target machine.

Attach Plates

In an attempt to make a minimal scale to integrate with the espresso machine's drip tray, only two pieces of aluminum, the load cell, and a few fasteners are used.

The fixed end of the load cell (the side with the wires) is tapped with M5 screw holes, while the weighing end that can flex is tapped with M4.

Using an M4 screw, attach the large cross-plate to the underside of the load cell. (Note the sticker on the end of the cell with the load rating and arrow.)

Then, attach the 3-hole coupling plate with an M5 screw to the underside of the load cell at the fixed end.

Mount Scale to Drip Tray Grid

Use M3 screws, spacers, and nuts to attach the coupling plate to the drip tray grid as shown.

The spacers are necessary to give the load cell clearance to flex under load as shown in the fourth picture here.

Wire Prep

If you like, you can add some short lengths of heat shrink tubing to collect the four wires, as well as add small ferrules to their ends -- this makes it easier to connect them to the screw terminals on the ADC board.

These wires are so thin you may want to solder them to the inside of the ferrules at the tip rather than crimp them.

Clue Connection

Add the Clue case to the clue, but leave off one screw in the upper right corner.

Use a longer M2.5 screw and nut to connect the ADC board to the back of the Clue.

Then, connect the Clue and ADC via STEMMA QT cable.

Clue Mount

Mount the 2020 corner brace to the front of the drip tray grid using an M3 screw, nut, and washer or spacer.

Then mount the Clue to the brace using the remaining M3 nylon screw and nut from the acrylic case kit.

Battery Pack

Connect the AAA battery pack to the Clue. Then, use the adhesive square to connect the battery pack lid to the drip tray's side.

This will allow you to pull out the battery pack to change the batteries when needed.

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