In this project we’re making a wearable case for the Adafruit Clue board!

The CLUE features the same shape and size as the BBC micro:bit so it’ll work with existing add-ons.

Adafruit Clue has a 1.3in IPS LCD color display with tons of sensors, so you can make projects with text and graphics!

We designed and 3d printed a case for the CLUE, so you can easily wear it like a badge or watch.

It has enough room for a lipo battery, so you can make your projects portable.

You have access to the edge connector, so you can use the touch pads as controls for your projects.

The CLUE is packed with sensors like an accelerometer, gyroscope
magnetometer, barometric pressure, humidity, temperature, microphone, light, color, proximity and much more!

CLUE features the nRF52840 cortex M4 processor with 2mb of internal flash memory.

It also has a microphone, speaker, NeoPixel and a STEMMA connector so you can plug and play even more sensors!

With Bluetooth, you can make wireless projects that can control your BLE devices.

So you can control your phone using Apple’s Music Service to play, pause and even change the volume!


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