The bezel is attached to the front of the case to keep the display nicely secured.

Use a drop of glue on each edge of the corners. Align the bezel to the light sensor (rectangle). A fan is helpful so the the glue doesn't haze the case.

Tabs on the end press fit into the slits on the side of the case. 

The wristband with the nubs is pressed into the slits with the ends first. Orient the end vertically and press each end. Use pliers to pull the ends through the slits on the case. 

Slide switch

Use a slide switch with a JST adapter to turn the Clue on and off.

Short the JST extension cable to 120mm long. Split the power (red) wire at 42mm and solder each end to the middle pin the on the slide switch and either the left or right pin.

Mount CLUE

Plug the JST cable into the CLUE. Carefully bend the wires and pass them between the JST port and the reset button. 

Align the CLUE buttons to the cutouts on the case and press fit into place.

Insert slide switch

Angle the slide switch between the two walls and carefully press fit into place. You can gently pull the metal tabs on the slide switch to increase the tolerance.  

Plug in battery

Plug the lipo battery into the JST extension. Use a small amount of sticky tac to adhere the battery to the CLUE. position the battery so it doesn't overlap the reset button.

Press fit lid

Make sure the battery and wires are away from the walls and reset button. Align the tabs on the case to the divots on the lid and press fit close.



The nubs on the wrist band press fit into the hole on the opposite band. Use the slit on the end to tuck in the bands and keep it nice and tight.


The case is also badge compatible! You can attach our lanyard to the cat ears and wear to your next conference! 

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