Before you can run the cloud thermometer sketch you will first need to calibrate your thermistor. This calibration process will produce three coefficient values that are necessary for determining the temperature of the thermistor probe.

To calibrate the thermistor you need the following:
  • The assembled hardware from the previous step.
  • A glass of ice water, luke-warm water, and hot water.
  • A thermometer you can use to measure the temperature of the water.
Note: Make sure the hardware is fully assembled with the CC3000 and Arduino before calibrating. Adding parts to the hardware later might make the calibration inaccurate.

Load the ThermistorCalibrate sketch in Arduino and upload it to your hardware. Open the serial port (at 115200 baud) and follow the instructions from the hardware to calibrate the thermistor. You will place the thermistor into the different temperature water glasses and tell the hardware the temperature of the water. When calibration is complete you will want to save the 3 thermistor coefficient values (A, B, and C) so they can be used in the cloud thermometer sketch.

You can watch the video below to see an example of calibrating the thermistor:
Continue on to setup the DynamoDB table used to store temperature data.

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