The cloud cam is a project to build an internet-connected security camera using a Raspberry Pi and Pi camera.  The camera can detect motion and upload images to Dropbox's cloud storage service, or the beta of Adafruit IO, Adafruit's internet of things service.

For example build a fancy dashboard to watch and control the lights in a room:

Or keep an eye on your pets and track when they eat, even in the dark:

What will you watch with the cloud cam project?

To build this project you'll want to be familiar with the basics of using the Raspberry Pi.  Check out the following guides if you're new to the hardware:

You might also need to do a little bit of soldering to wire IR LEDs for illumination in the dark.  If you're new to soldering check out Adafruit's guide to excellent soldering.  This is an easy soldering project for any skill level.

Continue on to learn about the parts and hardware used in this project.

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