Start by marking a place for GEMMA and the 10 NeoPixels using chalk or ink. GEMMA is more undercover if you keep it behind a side seam under the brim. Mark a circle so it will be obvious where it goes. Evenly mark small dots for the NeoPixels around the brim.


Make sure your NeoPixels are arranged so the arrows point in the same direction away from GEMMA's D1 pin. Using conductive thread, stitch the D1, Ground and Vout lines. You can follow the stitch lines on the hat to keep the rows tidy.


It helps to use an invisible stitch, where you just pick up a thread of the fabric each time you make a stitch. That way stitches won't show on the front side. Notice the GEMMA is a little bit further from the edge to allow room for stitches around it.


Make sure the photo cell is resting with the curled legs on top of the lining near the brim. On the GEMMA, stitch the GND pin to one leg and the D2 pin to the other leg on the sensor (it does not matter which  leg, the sensor is not polar).


Move the piezo gently in place so the snaps are not touching any conductive thread. It's okay for the wires to cross conductive thread because they are shielded. Stitch the black wire snap to D0 and the red wire snap to Vout.


Next load some plain black thread into your needle and gently stitch the red and black wires to the hat, so the piezo won't move. Nice, now it's battery time!

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