The photo cell will be your sensor to detect darkness and activate your hat. Start by bending the two wires slightly apart. Then, using a needle nose pliers, bend the legs at a 90 degree angle so that while the sensor points outward, the legs will sit nicely against your hat.


Cut two small pieces of heat shrink tubing and place them on the legs of the photoresistor. Then use a heat gun or blow dryer on hottest setting to shrink the tube in place.


Now, take your needle nose pliers and bend the tips of the legs into circles. Be gentle as the wires are fragile.


Insert the legs of the photo cell into the grommet on the hat closest to the GEMMA. Gently wriggle them in one at a time, so they fit nicely against the inside of the hat.


Let's move on to the piezo buzzer. This tiny piece will create the sounds for your hat. Start by stripping 1/4" off each wire. Do this very gently as the wires can break easily. Tin the wires with a bit of solder.


Now solder each wire to the end of the snap pieces. It doesn't matter which snap piece you choose, as we are only using them as conductive pieces that allow us to stitch onto fabric. Okay, speaking of stitches, it’s sewing time!

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