MakeCode is Adaptable

If you want to adapt your skyline to fulfill different purposes, you can readily implement changes through MakeCode. See below for a few examples of changes and alternatives you can try.

Shifting Temperature Window

Depending on location, you may want to adjust the temperature settings if you think the temperature will fall outside of the programmed 60-85 degree window.

Changing the value in the minimum_temp bubble in Function Color from 60 to something like 40 will widen the window to accommodate a colder environment, though this will also result in subtler changes in color for every degree of temperature change. You can change the minimum & maximum temperatures registered here as well as degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit. 

NeoPixel Animation

If you'd like to change or add to the NeoPixel strip, you will find the NEOPIXEL section becomes available after you click on the LIGHT section. Here you may find many fun options for animating the NeoPixel strip. 

To reveal the NEOPIXEL section in MakeCode, first click on LIGHT

Non-Interactive Alternative

If you prefer something less-interactive, you can replace the complicated interactive code with a simpler version that just cycles through night and day. Click this link or the button below to open this code in a new window.

Drag and drop the .UF2 file from this example code onto your CPX to test it out.

This code will tell your NeoPixel strip cycle through daytime (yellow) and nighttime (blue). You can alter the speed at which these changes occur by changing the value in the set cycle_time to block.

Exploring Further

If you enjoy MakeCode and want to continue exploring you can check out lots more MakeCode projects on the Adafruit Learn System.

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