Once the web workflow is enabled and the board connects to the local wifi network with an IP address, the board can be accessed by opening a web browser and entering the board's network address. But what is the address to enter?

Connect using MDNS Address

The CircuitPython web workflow uses MDNS so that connecting to the board can be as simple as using the address circuitpython.local. Try using that first and if it works, great. Open a web browser and navigate to:


Or just click the button below:

Connect using IP Address

If MDNS does not work for some reason, the fallback approach is to use the actual IP address, like, the CircuitPython board was assigned when it connected to the local wifi network.

There are several options for determining this address.

Terminal Window Title Bar

The web workflow serial output includes some special escape sequences that are intended to update the window title bar of the terminal program being used.

For example, here's what a terminal window running screen to connect to the board looks like:


The IP address can be obtained fairly easily via the REPL with a few commands:

>>> import wifi
>>> wifi.radio.ipv4_address

Serial output in Thonny

In Thonny, look for the IP address in the banner text of the serial output in the Shell window.

Note the settings.toml file has been added to the CircuitPython device.

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