New to Adafruit IO? Check out the Adafruit IO Basics guide, or detailed instructions on creating a feed.

Set up the IO Feed

Create a feed called "image" and then set "Feed History" to "OFF". This allows storage of data up to 100kB, which is plenty to upload JPEGs at 640x480 resolution. (You can choose another feed name but you'll need to make sure that Adafruit IO's "key" for the feed matches what you use in your CircuitPython program!)

Set up the IO Dashboard

Create a new dashboard. Click the gear icon and then "Create New Block". Choose the camera icon ("image") and then select your feed named "image". Enter a block title if you like, and click "Create Block".

This guide was first published on Aug 04, 2021. It was last updated on May 19, 2024.

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