"Stage" is a small library for making simple games with CircuitPython. It lets you display graphics in three ways: as a grid of tiles, as sprites, and as text. Because of its simplicity it is limited to 16×16 images in 16 colors, but that is enough for making games. It is included by default on both PyGamer and PyBadge.

The library consists of two modules. The stage module contains all the functions and classes you will need for loading and manipulating the graphics on the screen, while the ugame module initializes the screen and gives you access to buttons and sound. Different CircuitPython boards will all use the same stage module, but will have different ugame modules built-in, because of the differences in what buttons and joysticks they have and how they need to be initialized. The very first board for which this library was originally written was called "µGame", hence the name of the module.

Please note that you can't mix displayio graphics with those made using the Stage library — either one or the other can use the display at the same time.

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