Tin Display connections

I used third helping hands to aid in stabilizing the the display. Tin the connections according to the circuit diagram. 

Solder Wires

I cut the wires so they are long enough to reach the ItsyBitsy. The ribbon silicone cables are great so we can keep the bundle of wire neat inside the enclosure. 

Tin ItsyBitsy

I used a second pair of helping hands to hold the ItsyBitsy above the Display. Reference the circuit diagram and tin the connections on the ItsyBitsy.

Solder ItsyBitsy to display

Gently pull apart each individual wire so that each can reach the connections on the ItsyBitsy. Reference the circuit diagram and solder the ItsyBitsy to the display.


Prep Lipo Charger Backpack

Now we can prepare the LiPoly Charger Backpack. The two 0.1" holes with a box around them are the battery output line. Carefully cut the trace between them with a hobby knife and solder two wires to a slide switch.

Tin the rest of the connections on the lipo backpack. To better fit the the boards inside the enclosure, we can solder the wires from the bottom.





Solder Lipo Backpack to ItsyBitsy

The lipo backpack is then soldered to the ItsyBitsy with ribbon cables.

Insulate Boards

We'll need to insulate the boards so they don't touch once inside the enclosure. I used a strip of electrical tape to cover the bottom of the ItsyBitsy and the lipo backpack boards.


Insert boards into enclosure

Insert the display board into the enclosure so the side with the connections faces the cutouts for the slide switch on the enclosure.

Arrange the ItsyBitsy so the USB port aligns with the USB cutout on the enclosure.

Arrange the lipo backpack with the JST port facing the slide switch cutout on the enclosure.

Connect a lipo battery to the JST on the backpack and coil the battery wires and fit the wires under the walls of the slide switch cutout on the enclosure.

Press fit Lid

Align the lid so the cutout fits over the slide switch walls on the enclosure. Insert the lid at and angle so the battery is in the center and gently press fit the lid onto the enclosure. 


Glue Buttons

Test the layout of the buttons over the enclosure and then use a tiny bit of super glue to adhere in place. 

Split Ring and Necklace

A split ring fits over the loop on the lid. A necklace or lanyard can then fit through the split ring, ready to wear!


And there you have it! That’s how you can create your own retro inspired wearables!

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