Wire Lengths

We'll need access the USB port on the CPX once it is embedded inside the arcade button. So we'll need to DIY a USB cable so that we can still connect the CPX. We'll need five wires to create a micro USB cable.

Wire Tinning

I suggest using 30AWG silicone coated wires. Different colored wires allows you to tell the connections apart from each other. Using wire stripper, remove a bit of insulation from each wire. To prevent the strands of wires from fraying, you can add a bit of solder to tin them.

Soldering Connector

We'll need to solder these wires to the male micro USB connector. Due to the tiny pads, this can be quite difficult – A pointy tipped soldering iron is recommended. Follow the circuit diagram to get the proper connections.

DIY USB Connector

Once soldered, I suggest adding pieces of heat shrink tubing to keep all of the wires bundled together. You'll want to double check your solder joints to ensure they're making proper connections.

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