Connecting Speaker to Amp

The two wires from the speaker will need to be soldered to the audio output on the PAM8302 amplifier. I do not suggest using the included screw block terminal because it will block the mounting holes – Wires should be soldered directly to the pins.

Speaker Audio Cable

The wire on the speaker is fairly long and can be shorted to keep the connections nice and neat. Use wire cutters to trim the cable short. 

Shortened Speaker Wire

The wire can be about the length of the 3d printed box enclosure. 

Tinning Speaker Wires

Separate the speaker cable by pulling the two apart. Then, strip each wire using wire strippers. You can tin the exposed strands of wire by applying a bit of solder.

Solder Speaker Wires to Amp

The red colored wire is the (+)positive connection while the black is the (–)negative connection. Solder the two wires from the speaker to the output on the PAM8302.

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