Potentiometer and Switch Wires

The potentiometer will need two wires and the JST extension cable. This will need to be connected to both the battery and the PAM8302 audio amplifier.

Tin Wires

More wires means more wire stripping and tinning! Using wire stripper, remove a bit of insulation from the tips of each wire and apply a bit of solder to tin the strands of wires. Adding a few pieces of heat shrink tubing will keep the wires bundled together.

Solder Wires to Pot

The two wires can then be soldered to the two legs on the potentiometer. The blue wire is connected to the far left leg. The green wire is connected to the right left. Grab the PAM8302 audio amplifier and pick out the wire connected to the A+ pin. This wire needs to be soldered to the middle leg of the potentiometer. 

Remove nub

While we're working with the pot, remove the nub protruding from the top. This piece will prevent the pot from being panel mounted. I used flat pliers to grasp the nub and twisted it until it broke away.

Wired Potentiometer

Double check your wiring and ensure the wires are connected to the correct pins / terminals. Now is a good time to apply heat shrink tubing to keep the wires nice and tidy.

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