JST Extension Cable

We'll need to connect the JST extension cable to the on/off switch on the potentiometer. The cable features a male JST connector on one end and female on the other.

Shortened Wires

You can shorten the wires using wire cutters. The end with the connectors are separated into two wires. The length of the wires are about the length of the wire cutters.

Tinned Wires

Using wire strippers, remove a bit of insulation from the tips of each wire. Then, add a bit of solder to tin the stranded of wire. Bits of heat shrink tubing will keep the wires bundled together when splitting them apart.

Tinning Switch Leads

On the bottom of the potentiometer are two extra legs – These are the terminals for the built in switch. Apply a bit of solder to them to make it easier to attach the wires from the JST wires.

Solder Wires to Switch

The red wires from the male and female JST wires need to be connected to the two terminals on the potentiometer switch. They should be wired in a "right angled" orientation – This will make it nice and tidy once panel mounted to the 3d printed box enclosure.

Tie Grounds

The black wires (ground conection) from the male and female JST wire needs to be connected together. Use a piece of heat shrink tubing to insulate the exposed wires.

Wired JST to Pot Switch

Double check all of the wired connections to ensure everything is properly soldered. Now is a good time to adjust wire lengths or add addition heat shrink tubing.

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