Disassembling Arcade Button

We'll need to take apart the arcade button in order to embed the CPX. The button is designed to be disassembled so it should be fairly straight forward. We'll start by removing the micro switch from the button assembly.

Remove Micro Switch

Grasp onto the outer button housing and micro switch. Firmly twist the micro switch counter clockwise – It should make a click. Then, pull out the body of the micro switch away from the stem. The micro switch should have the LED housing intact.

Remove Threaded Ring

Unscrew the threaded ring from the stem of the button housing. The outer button housing should loosely pull out from the stem. 

Separate Button Housing

Pinch the two white colored tips on the end of the button stem while pushing them into the stem – The white housing should lift up out of the black housing. Separate the two and set side the compression spring.

Spudger Action

Pry open the dome from the button housing using a spudger or tool with a slim shim edge to get in between the two. Firmly gasp onto the dome while conducting the prying action. 

Micro Switch Teardown

Pull back the taller black colored clip from the red side of the micro switch.  Rotate the micro switch until it comes loose from the black colored housing. Pull out the LED housing and two metal terminals from the black housing.

Pre-drill Planning

We need to pass wires through the white colored housing so we'll need to drill some holes. We can use the holes from the outer housing as reference for marking where the holes need to be.

Marking Holes

Place the white colored button housing into the main container. Flip the assembly over and use a sharpie marker to fill the holes.

Slotted Holes

Note the orientation of the legs on the white housing, this ought to be in the correct position to allow proper actuation. The two parts have some give so they can move slightly – you'll want to fill as much space available to create slotted holes.

Marked Holes

Remove the white housing from the container to the marked slotted holes. These don't have to by fully filled, just enough to get a good reference for drilling.

Drill Holes

Now it's time to make drill holes! Your choice of tool, a rotary tool like a Dremel or an impact drill will be suffice. To prevent drilling holes into our tabletop, we place a scrap piece of wood under the white housing. This will catch the drill bit when it pokes through the housing.

Drilled Holes

Drilling plastic for too long can cause the material to over heat and melt leaving behind welded chips. I used a pointed sanding bit to grind away material while smoothing out the edges.  

Test Fitting

Reinstall the housing to see if the holes line up – Be sure to orient the actuator legs in the correct positions.  These holes should allow enough space for wires to pass through.

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