Disassemble Switch

I suggest taking the micro switch out of the housing. The assembly can be taken apart as shown in the photo. We won't be needing the LED, so you can discard it along with the electrode terminals. We will need the black housing bit, so keep that handy.

Wires for Micro Switch

We need two wires to connect the micro switch to the CPX. The polarity doesn't matter for switches but I used different colored wires for consistency. Don't forget the heat shrink!  

Wire Tinning

More tinning here, you know the drill! Using wire strippers, remove a bit of insulation from the tips of each wire – Then apply a bit of solder to the strands of wire. Remember, third helping hands can help!

Tinning Terminals

OK, now it's time to wire up the micro switch. The terminals are rather chunky so you'll want to apply a good amount of solder to them.

Solder Wires to Terminals

Attach the wires! Again, polarity doesn't matter all that much but its good to keep the colors of the wires consistent with the rest of the connections.

Wired Micro Switch

Note the orientation of the wires. They're setup in a right angle type position – This will accommodate for the space in the 3d printed box enclosure and keep a low-profile.

Reinstall Button Housing

Once wired, you can put the micro switch back into the black housing part.

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