Occasionally, you'll run into a problem where AS7 won't connect/run the target device.

Common error messages look like this:

I have yet to solidify what causes this. But, the fix is usually as simple as doing one (or more) of the following:

  • Disconnect and reconnect the SWD cable from the target device and the J-Link. Wait a few seconds for the J-Link and the backagent to sync up.

  • Close AS7, then re-open your project.

  • If those don't work, starting over completely (rarely requires Windows restart) is the ultimate fixer.

  • And if nothing is still working, you may need to check the "Fuse" settings in the Device Programming window.
Changing the device fuse settings is advanced stuff. It is further complicated by the lack of an easy-to-find reference of "expected" values. Seek knowledgeable help before resorting to this step if you are the least bit worried.

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