Setup Adafruit Feather M0 Express for CircuitPython

We'll need to get our Feather board setup so we can run CircuitPython code. First thing we'll need to do is connect the board to your computer with a microUSB cable. Then double-click on the reset button to put it in "UF2" boot-loader mode. The NeoPixel will turn green. The board will then show up as a USB storage device on your computer named "FEATHERBOOT". 

Follow the guide below to setup the firmware, once complete, come back here and proceed.

Some CircuitPython programs require extra libraries that are written in Python, but this project uses only modules that are built into CircuitPython, so you don't need any additional libraries.

Upload The Code

Copy and paste the code below into a new text document (using your favorite texteditor). Save the file and name it as

Once the files has been uploaded to the drive, the Feather will automatically reboot and run the code. No upload button (say whaaat?!).

Prepping Images

The images must be in 24-bit BITMAP format. JPG and GIF formats are not supported! The maximum dimensions for images are 72px wide by 32px tall. Use an image preview / editing application or online converter to save the image out as a .BMP (bitmap).

Bitmap Images

I used Adobe Photoshop to import, scale and tweak artwork. Scaling images down can get mangled, so it's necessary to touch up or even redraw images. Using Sharper Bicubic interpolation works well on 8bit style graphics.

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