Install Feather

Place the Feather over the four standoffs on the bottom half of the handle. Line up the mounting holes. Orient the board so the microUSB port is facing the port cutout. Insert and fasten 4x M2.5 x 4mm long flat phillips machine screws.

Install Switch 

Insert the slide switch at an angle and press it in between the walls of the switch holder. 

Switch Actuator

The actuator should be accessible through the outside of the handle. 

Install Battery

The 2200mAh battery can be clipped to the bottom half of the handle. Orient the battery so the cable can reach the JST connector on the Adafruit Feather.

Add NITTO Tape

Grab the stick and add long strips of double-sided NITTO tape. This stuff is strong and will provide a good hold. Carefully place the strip of tape so it lines up nicely with the stick. Peel away the protective backing.

Stick Strip

Before sticking the DotStar strip, make sure the handle will not intersect (touch) with the flexible PCB on the strips. The wiring and strip should have a good amount of clearance. It's a good idea to do a dry fit to see where the stick gets installed to the handle. Once you've determined a good safe zone, place the strip to the stick – Firmly press the full length of the strip to properly adhere. Repeat process for the second strip.

Handle Halves

Grab the top half of the handle. These two will snap fit together. We'll need 2x M2.5 x 12mm long screws to secure the two halves together. It's a good idea to dry fit them to see how they go together.

Install Stick to Handle

Install the stick to the bottom half of the handle by inserting the end with the tabs into the holder near the end. It should slot in and not clip any of the wires or DotStar strip. Arrange the wiring so that they fit through the little cutaway.

Secure Halves

Make sure all of the wiring fits inside the handle. Carefully place the top half of the handle onto the bottom half and press them together – Be careful not to kink any of the wires. Flip the handle assembly over and insert two M2.5 x 12mm long flat phillips machine screws into the two counter bore standoffs. Fasten screws until fully tightened.

Secured Stick and Handle

Thoroughly inspect the handle and stick assembly to ensure nothing is being kinked, mangled or otherwise. The assembly should be pretty solid and sturdy when waving it around.

Final Assembly

The handle should be easy to take apart if you ever need to service the components. When the battery gets low, recharge the battery with USB power supply or hub. 

This guide was first published on Nov 29, 2017. It was last updated on Apr 21, 2024.

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