We assume you already have Python 3 and brew available on your Mac. Thankfully, setup on MacOS X is not so bad!

Note: If you are running VMWare Fusion on MacOS, then you can also try the Windows install process.

Install libusb

Start by installing libusb with

brew install libusb

Install pyftdi and Blinka

Then, pip3 install pyftdi which will also install some other libraries

Then pip3 install adafruit-blinka


Finally, set the environment variable with

export BLINKA_FT232H=1

and run python3. In the REPL, type

import board

You should get no errors, and a list of the pins available

This guide was first published on Sep 29, 2019. It was last updated on Dec 04, 2023.

This page (Mac OSX) was last updated on Sep 23, 2019.

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