Clock Stand

You can create a desktop clock using the same CircuitPython code and FeatherWings. A 3D printed stand can house an Adafruit Tripler FeatherWing. The Feather M4, RTC module and OLED FeatherWing snaps on via female headers. 

Install Feather M4 Headers

Use the male headers that came with the Feather M4. Use flush diagonal cutters to cut the plastic strip so there's a 12-pin and 16-pin.

Solder Headers

Insert the two header pins through the bottom of the PCB. A breadboard can assist you by holding them in place while soldering. Firmly press the header pins into the breadboard, making sure the are inserted straight. Apply solder to the top of the pins. Solder all of the pins to the headers.

Install RTC FeatherWing Headers

Use the two sets of headers that came with the RTC FeatherWing. Use flush diagonal cutters to trim the headers so you have a 12 and 16-pin strip of headers.

Solder Headers

Using the same breadboard technique as the Feather M4, install the headers to the bottom of the PCB and insert them into the breadboard. Apply solder to all of the pins. Make sure the strips of headers are flush with the PCB.

Install OLED FeatherWing Headers

Get the two strips of header pins ready for the OLED FeatherWing. 

Solder Headers

Repeat the same process using the breadboard to hold the strips of headers in place while soldering. 

Tripler FeatherWing

The Tripler FeatherWing is designed to house up to three Feathers / FeatherWings. You need to use three sets of female header pins, a 12-pin and a 16-pin strip. These are installed to the designated spots on the PCB. Follow the markings and labels on the PCB to insert the headers correctly. Reference the photo for correct placement.

Stand Hardware

Use the following hardware to secure the Tripler FeatherWing PCB to the stand.

  • 4x M2.5 x 6mm male-to-female standoffs
  • 4x M2.5 hex nuts
  • 4x M2.5 machine screws

You can optionally use tall/shorter standoffs. The black nylon standoff kit includes quite a few different sizes to choose from.

Black Nylon Screw and Stand-off Set with M2.5 Threads, kit box
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Install Hardware

The male threads on the standoffs are inserted through the four holes on the standoffs. They're M3 sizes so they should easily fit through. Use the hex nuts to secure the standoffs. Finger tighten the hex nuts, do not over tighten. 

Install Tripler FeatherWing

Place the Tripler FeatherWing on top of the standoffs and line up the mounting holes. Insert and fasten the M2.5 machine screws through the top of the PCB.

Install FeatherWings

With the Tripler FeatherWing PCB secured to the stand, install the Feather M4 and FeatherWings to the female sockets. Place them in which ever order best suits your project and setup. You can easily swap them out by carefully pulling them out.

Use It

Plug-in a known good micro USB cable with a good data connection to the Feather M4. Access to the reset button and the FeatherWings allow you to test out different Feathers and FeatherWings. Have fun!

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