Slice Stand

Use PLA or other rigid material to print the stand. The stand is oriented to print on its side. This helps to prevent the use of support material. The first layer requires considerably strong adhesion. A large brim could be used to provide more adhesion to the bed of the 3D printer.

Customize Watch Band

The design of the watch band can be adjusted using Autodesk Fusion 360. Change the parameters to adjust the width, length and number of holes on the band.


We can change the patterns for each band by editing the features in the timeline.

Download and 3D Print

The 3D printed parts can be downloaded with the link below. 

Parts are optimized for flexible materials, rigid material will not allow the components to fit.

Materials & Slice Settings

This design requires an extruder capable of printing with flexible materials such as the Flashforge Creator. If you're using standard Ninjaflex material (85A shore hardness), we recommend printing slow, around 20 to 40mm/s with the extruder temperature set to 240c.

You can also use Cheetah Ninjaflex, which has a higher shore hardness (95A). The only difference will be in how flexible and how grippy the texture is.

Dual Color Printing

You can achieve the two tone colors using a single extruder by using 2 different gcode files. We'll swap filaments in between the print jobs. You'll need to leave the print on the bed after the first job is completed and then print the second gcode file.

For printing the two wrist bands, the first process will print from 0mm to 0.8mm – you can set this up in Simplify3D by enabling the start/stop options in the Layer Modifications section, in the Advanced tab. The second process will start at layer 0.8mm and can print the rest of the part.




PLA 245c  / 0c bed

No supports

10% infill

40mm/s print speed

No Retraction

120mm/s travel speed

Multiple gcode processes are created to get a dual color print for the bands.

Print from 0mm to 0.8mm to print the first bottom color.

Then print from 0.8mm to 6mm to print the top colors of the band.

The body was printed from 0mm to 23mm when swapping colors.

Retraction clean up

Flexible materials may need retraction disabled to print successfully, so we'll need to clean any left over material around the slots and grooves on the GP-body.stl part.

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