Here's how to use the BBQLUE.


When you power on the CLUE, you'll see the BBQLUE logo show up after it is done preloading the graphics and font glyphs.

It then begins searching for an iBBQ protocol BLE device being advertised.


Plug in as many of the temperature probes as needed into the main unit (if your unit features multiple probes, some may only have one).

To keep the probe color coding consistent with the text color on the CLUE, use this order:

  • probe 1 = green
  • probe 2 = blue
  • probe 3 = red
  • probe 4 = orange
  • probe 5 = yellow
  • probe 6 = purple

Turn on the BBQ thermometer main unit and it will begin broadcasting BLE advertisements of its iBBQ service availability.

Temperature Probe Display

The BBQLUE will then switch to the second display group and begin to display the advertised attribute values for the temperature probes.

For any probes that aren't plugged in, the value will be out of range and display as three dashes "---".

Unit Swap

By default, the temperatures are displayed in degrees Fahrenheit. Press the A button on the CLUE at any time to swap to Celsius. When you hear the beep, the button press has registered and you may let go.

Now, you can insert the temperature probes in your items that are cooking and remotely monitor the temperatures!

This guide was first published on Apr 10, 2020. It was last updated on Jul 21, 2024.

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