Supported Cameras

The slider works best with cameras that weigh under 15lb (6.8kg).  We've tested mobile phones, action cameras and lightweight micro four cinema cameras.

Camera Support

A mini ball head tripod mount can help support a small camera on the platform. For camera's that are around 15lb (6.8kg) a medium size ball head offers sturdier support. For small action cameras, a smaller tripod head can be used.

Battery Power

Turn on the Feather M4 using the slide switch. Use the built-in switch on the 12V battery pack to turn it on.

Power Supply

Plug-in the Feather M4 to a computer with USB port to power it on. Connect a 12V power adapter to the motor power port on the Motor FeatherWing.

How to Start Sliding

Each of the four options are displayed on screen. The 5-min option appears first by default. Use the joystick to press up and down to cycle through the options. Make sure the camera platform is positioned on the starting point (close to the idler, away from the motor). Click to select the settings and start the stepper motor.

Camera Is Sliding

While the motor steps along, "camera is sliding" appears on screen with the time remaining. Currently, there is no pause or stop function. If the slider needs to be stopped, cutting the power is the easiest way to do so.

Reverse or Main Menu

At the end of a slide, two options are present on screen. Use A or B button to selection Reverse mode or Main Menu. Reverse mode will start the stepper motor with the same time setting, but in reverse. Main menu will back up the camera platform and display the time options again after it's been rewound. 

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