• VIN to board 5V
  • GND to board GND
  • SCL to board SCL with 2K resistor
  • SDA to board SDA with 2K resistor
  • VOUT to left mono jack tip

QT Py RP2040

  • GND to left mono jack sleeve
  • GND to right mono jack sleeve
  • A1 to right mono jack tip

The 2K resistors for SCL and SDA keep the incoming logic level at 3.3V, rather than 5V.

Why Not Use a STEMMA QT Cable?

The DAC is using the QT Py RP2040's 5V output for power so that the 1V/oct signals have a range of 0 to 5V. If you do not need a range of 5V, then you can use a STEMMA QT cable to power the DAC with 3.3V and make the GND and I2C connections.

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