The examples in this guide are no longer supported. Check out the MPR121 sensor guide for CircuitPython and Python usage:


You'll need the following hardware to follow this guide:

Start by following the MPR121 breakout guide to assemble and test the board.  Then continue on below to learn how to wire it to a Feather for use with CircuitPython.

For the MPR121 Arduino shield just solder headers to the shield (don't forget to solder the 2x3 SPI header in the center of the board too) and connect it to a compatible Arduino (like the Arduino Zero flashed with CircuitPython firmware).


Connect the MPR121 to your board using its I2C interface as follows:

  • MPR121 VIN to board 3V (or 5V) output - red wire.
  • MPR121 GND to board GND/ground - black wire.
  • MPR121 SCL to board SCL (I2C clock) - orange wire.
  • MPR121 SDA to board SDA (I2C data) - yellow wire.

Continue on to learn how to install a CircuitPython module to control the MPR121 board.

This guide was first published on Mar 17, 2017. It was last updated on Jun 14, 2024.

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