Who doesn't love a fat drum beat? Nobody, that's who! You can make your own awesome rhythms once you've built the FruitBox Sequencer! Use the Circuit Playground Express board's built-in capacitive touch sensors plugged into pieces of fruit to program and trigger your beats, in a 16-step sequence. Play back sampled drum sounds in perfect time with the on-board speaker, or optionally, you can plug it into an amplified speaker to rock the crowd!


1 x Circuit Playground Express
with CircuitPython
1 x 3 x AAA Battery Holder
with On/Off Switch, JST, and Belt Clip

The following parts are optional if you'd like a louder sequencer, you can output to an external, powered speaker.


Additionally, you'll need to supply seven pieces of fruit. By conventions, these are typically:

  • lemon
  • apple
  • grapefruit
  • mango
  • papaya
  • lime
  • satsuma

But there's no need to be stodgy about it. Use any fruit you like!

Now, let's get to coding the Circuit Playground Express with CircuitPython.

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