Is there an easy way to draw bar graphs?

Yes! We have the Adafruit CircuitPython ProgressBar library available. Examples can be found here.

How did displayio naming change in CircuitPython 9?

The names for various components of displayio were changed in CircuitPython 9. The different kinds of displays were split into separate top-level modules. Using the old names in CircuitPython 9 will generate warnings, but will still work. In CircuitPython 10 the old names will be removed completely.

  • displayio.Display is now busdisplay.BusDisplay.
  • displayio.FourWire is now fourwire.FourWire.
  • displayio.EPaperDisplay is now epaperdisplay.EPaperDisplay.
  • displayio.I2CDisplay is now i2cdisplaybus.I2CDisplayBus.
Why doesn't work anymore?

In CircuitPython 8, was replaced by display.root_group = some_group. You can also read the current root group with display.root_group. show() no longer works in CircuitPython 9.

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