The cloud will automatically connect to the WiFi network that you set in the file. Once connected the cloud will pull weather data from the OpenWeather API and display the animation for your locations current forecast.

Changing the Weather

You can cycle through each of the weather animations by pressing the button at the bottom of your cloud. The animations start with sunny/clear, overcast, rain, thunderstorm, snow, and back to sunny.

Turning your cloud off

If you want to turn your cloud off for awhile, just press and hold the button at the bottom of the cloud for 4 seconds. The cloud will turn off and be ready to show the weather later.

Turn your cloud on again

Whenever you want to see the weather forecast, just press the button at the bottom of the cloud. This will look for the latest forecast and switch to that animation.

Going farther

This is a fun and entertaining project but there is plenty of room to make it better.

  • Make your own sounds for the weather.
  • Add some lightning wrangling air ships to your cloud.
  • See is you can change the number of lights that turn blue based on how much rain the forecast predicts.
  • Try to add an alert for severe weather or some other weather based alert.
  • Show that you know your stuff by connecting your cloud to for full IoT control.

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