There is a little bit of soldering to add connectors for this project, but nothing super difficult. Mostly we will be doing a bit of crafting to make the cloud itself.

Two piece adjustable soldering iron with blobby temperature adjustable body and separate fancy holder
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Red and black multi-size wire stripplers, closed
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Hand holding Craft Knife with Ceramic Blade
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You are also going to want to use a hot glue gun as well.

1 x High Temp Glue Gun
This will help you glue things together.


There are quite a few things you will need to make the cloud itself. Feel free to get creative and add whatever you want to make it your own.

1 x Poly-Fil polyester fiber
Commonly used as stuffing for pillows and stuffed animals.

You will need something to make the cloud frame from, and though I have used laser cut wood and acrylic, I have actually found that cardboard and foam board work just as well, even for larger clouds.

1 x Foam Board, White
White foam core board for the frame of the cloud.
1 x Hot Glue Sticks
You will be doing a fair bit of gluing.
1 x Zip Tie Locking Ties
White plastic zip ties for holding down electronics and LEDs.

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