The free version of SketchUp was used to design a brackets to hold the PCB to the front of the surveillance server. Click the green button below to download the files or see them on GitHub.

There’s a slot to secure the solenoid over the push button. On the side is a through hole for the LED light detector. The bracket will slide over the front of the server. Threaded rods will mount through the holes on the side and secure it to another bracket in the back. The PCB will snap into the middle section and is restrained by top and bottom clips.

I 3D printed the brackets using black PLA filament to match the surveillance server color. The mini 5V push pull solenoid fits snugly into the slot on the bracket, but just to make sure it doesn’t wiggle loose, I also printed a small cover plate to secure it. The plate is secured with a screw that self-taps into the hole above the solenoid. When activated, the solenoid will only travel a few millimeters but it’s enough to engage the server’s power button.

M5 x 250mm fully threaded stainless steel rods connect the brackets. The assembly slides over the server and the nuts are tightened to hold it in place. The design affords easy adjustments to ensure the solenoid and LED are correctly positioned over the illuminated power button.

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