Once the LED strip and MagTag are mounted, and the background image and code are loaded onto the MagTag, using this project is super easy! Press the first three buttons for three different animations, and the fourth button to turn off the LEDs. Let's take a look!

The button functions are displayed on the built in eInk display.

Once the image and text are loaded, the LEDs will automatically begin color cycling between the chosen colors (red and green by default).

Press button B to begin the sparkle animation.

Press button C to begin the comet animation.

Press button A to return to the color cycle animation.

Finally, press button D to turn off the LEDs.

That's all there is to using the MagTag CircuitPython Smart Holiday Lights!

This guide was first published on Dec 02, 2020. It was last updated on Jul 19, 2024.

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