This project is super easy to put together. Let's get started!

Gather together the necessary parts.

Attach the mini magnet feet to the MagTag by screwing them into the standoffs in the corners on the back.

Plug the JST connector on the LED strip into JST port on the MagTag labeled D10.

Lay the strip out how you want to attach it. This will give you an idea of how many zip ties you'll need, and where you'll want to attach them.

Start by securing the two ends together snugly. This will make securing the rest of the strip much easier. Then place a zip tie intermittently around the strip on the rest of the wreath. You can leave them relatively loose so you have some ability to move the strip around if necessary.

Secure the MagTag by nestling it into the wreath and wrapping a few of the wreath bits around the magnet feet, or if desired, you can use zip ties.

Fluff the wreath to hide the strip.


Use a wall power supply with enough current to power the project and a USB C cable - plug these into the MagTag.

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