Don't forget you have to load the program onto the CPX by dragging and dropping the python file onto the CIRCUITPY drive, then rename the file as or (and back up your previous program first)

Like pretty much every project, this one will likely be a little wonky when you first get it running. If the touch pads are acting strange, reset the CPX (this recalibrates the capacitive input pins) by clicking the RESET mini button

Test #1

  1. Open up the serial monitor with Mu (or PuTTY or any other serial monitor) and run the program (CTRL + D)
  2. Test each of the movement controls (you’ll see the mouse moving on the screen and make sure the program doesn’t crash as well as the touch pads (which should display relevant text on the serial monitor).

Test #2

Deploy in Minecraft creative mode! Test the movement and action controls to see if anything breaks or doesn’t work as expected (plz keep in mind that this is a prototype!)

Update the program based on your testing. Remember, it’s OK if it’s not perfect, there’s always time to make it better! :)

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