Glue Cover to Top

The cp-yoyo-cover.stl part will have a loose fit when placing it over the cp-yoyo-top-a.stl part, so you'll need to use some adhesives to perminanently bond them tgoether. I used super glue, but anything similar should be fine.

Different Acrylic Colors

I tried out two different colored sheets of Acrylic sheet. The black on white colored acrylic is from Inventables. The other is florescent pink acrylic from amazon. Both are 1/8" thick.

3D Printed Cover

You can totally 3D print the cp-yoyo-cover.stl part. In order to get decent diffusion to allow the NeoPixel LED ligh to shine through, you'll need to use a light colored filament, such as natural white, transculent or glow-in-the-dark.

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