Parts for Slide Switch

To make it easy to turn on/off the circuit, we'll need to build a JST slide switch adapter. The Circuit Playground board doesn't have an onboard power switch, so we'll build one using a slide switch and JST extension cable. The battery in this project can either be a 105mAh battery or a 350mAh battery, which ever you prefer. 

Cut to Size

The JST extension is about 500mm in length, so we'll need to cut it down to size. Here's a good length to start with:

  • 80mm JST Female connector end
  • 150mm JST Male connector end

Strip & Tin Wires

Next, we'll pull the ends part and remove about 5mm of insulation from each wire. Then, we can tin the exposed strands of wire by applying a bit of solder. I recommend using a pair of Helping Third Hands to help keep the wires in place while soldering.

Wire Slide Switch

Now we can solder the power/voltage wires from the two JST wires to the slie switch. First, we need to snip off one of the legs from the slide switch (either the left or right, not the middle leg). Then, we can tin the two remaining legs by apply a small amount of solder to them. This will make it easier to attach the wires. Solder the two red power/voltage wires from the JST connectors to the slide switch.

Connect Ground Wires

We should now be left with two ground wires from the JST extension cable. Cut a small piece of heat shrink tubing and slip it through one of the ground wires - this will insulate the exposed wires. Then, solder the two ground wires together. Now you can slide the piece of tubing over the exposed wire and apply some heat to shrink it in place (I use the edge of the soldering iron, but not the tip!).

Finished Slide Switch JST Adapter

OK, now we have our slide switch JST adapter! Wooho! Now we easily remove our lipo battery whenever we need to recharge it.

Strain Relief Wire From Lipo Battery

I found that this project can wear out the wire from the Lipo battery. In some cases, I mananged to completely rip the wire from the battery, which is BAD! So, to prevent that from happening, we can apply a dab of hot glue to the solder joins on the end of the lipo battery.

Test Circuit

Now it's time to test our circuit! Go ahead and plug in the male JST connetor from the lipo battery to the female JST connector on the slide switch adapter. Then, connect the male JST connector from the slide switch adapter to the female JST connector on the Circuit Playground board. 

Flip the switch on and should you see the NeoPixel LEDs light up (make sure the on board switch is on the + symbol).

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