Install Axle

Insert cp-yoyo-axle.stl into cp-yoyo-a-side.stl with the thread going in first. Press until hex side mates with coupler. 

Align Side Ports

Insert cp-yoyo-b-side.stl onto cp-yoyo-axle.stl. Hold cp-yoyo-axle.stl while twisting cp-yoyo-b-side.stl tighten and reorient until ports of both sides are lined up.

Glue Axle to Side A

Hold cp-yoyo-axle.stl in place while applying super glue to the hex side. Hold together until glue full sets.

Install Yoyo String

Untwist the end of the yoyo string and place it over the axle. The loop should slip into a grove on the center of the axle.

Install JST Connect Circuit Playground

Insert the male JST connector and thread it into cp-yoyo-b-side.stl. Then, thread it through the cp-yoyo-axle.stl piece and pull it through cp-yoyo-a-side.stl.

Install Circuit Playground

Orient USB port of circuit playground with hole on cp-yoyo-a-side.stl. Then, lay circuit playground PCB onto the standoffs and press down until pegs snap into pins.

Twist Yoyo Halves

Insert axle from Side A and twist it onto Side B. Tighten both halves together.

Connect Battery & Install Switch

Plug in the male JST connector from lipo battery into female JST connector. Insert slide switch into clips on the side of cp-yoyo-b-side.stl.

Mount Battery

Use a piece of mounting tack and stick it on the back of the lipo battery. Stick the lipo battery to the surface of cp-yoyo-top-b.stl. Press down on battery to secure it in place. Twist cp-yoyo-top-b.stl onto cp-yoyo-b-side.stl until fully tightened.

Install Cover

Twist cp-yoyo-top-a.stl onto cp-yoyo-a-side.stl until fully tightened.

Wind up Yoyo String

Place finger over gap between halves and partially wind up the string. Remove your finger and then wind up the whole string. Now it's ready for a test spin!

Do Some Tricks!

I was able to get the yoyo to sleep for about 4 seconds until it came to rest. This should give you enough time to do some basic tricks like walk the dog or even rock the cradle.

You can load up any NeoPixel sketch to make cool designs, try out this Kaleidescope code for some motion-activated lights!

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