3D Printed Parts

Below is a list of the parts necessary for building the yoyo. It's composed of five printed pieces, with a translucent cover (ideally acrylic). The parts are optmized to 3D print without any support material and is small enough to fit on most FDM machines.


Contains battery and slide switch.


Contains Circuit Playground PCB.


Yoyo string loops around axle.


Top screws onto Side A.


Top screws onto Side B.


Cover press fits into the Top A part.

Slice Settings

Below are some recommended slice settings. We used simplify3D to slice these parts and generate the gcode. These parts were printed on a Micro M3D using a .4mm nozzle and 1.75mm filament.

  • .15mm layer height
  • 220C extruder / PrintInZ Skin
  • 20% infill
  • 4 top/bottom layers
  • 2 shells / parameters
  • 40mm/s printing speed

Top Covers

The twisty top for cp-yoyo-side-a.stl was designed for a separate cover piece. This can be 3D printed, milled, lasered, or cut out of any type of material that can diffuse the NeoPixel LEDs.

Acrylic Cover

I milled the cp-yoyo-cover.stl part out of 2 colored acrylic sheet using the Othermil desktop CNC. The toolpaths were generated in Autodesk Fusion 360 using CAM tools. If you'd like to generate your own GCODE, you can grab the source by downloading the fusion 360 archieve below.

Remix Design

You can download the source files in a varitey of file formats such as, STEP, SAT, IGS, SketchUp, DXF and others.

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