Slice Settings for Ninjaflex

Depending on the 3D printer, Ninjaflex can be relatively challenging to print. The ideal type of 3D printer for printing Ninjaflex has a spring-loaded direct drive. Below are some recommend slice settings.

  • 240C Extruder
  • No-Heated Bed Required
  • 30mm/s Default Printing Speed
  • 0.2mm Layer Height

To React or Not To React?

Retraction is where the extruder will pull filament out of the nozzle to avoid over extruding which can cause zips, blobs and other artifacts. Since Ninjaflex extrudes very slowly, it might be effective to disable retraction, or use a very small amount to prevent under extrusion.


54mm  x 54mm x 4mm


96mm x 26mm x 2mm


96mm x 26mm x 4.5mm

Customize Design

If you're interested in adjusting the length or width of the srtap, you can easily do so by modifying the "User Parameters" inside of Autodesk Fusion 360. Watch the video tutorial below to find out how simple it is.

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