Hello Circuit Playground!

Circuit Playground is our new all-in-one board aimed towards education and beginners.It features 10 NeoPixel LEDs, a motion sensor, temperature sensor, mini speaker, sound sensor, two buttons and a switch. It’s a great a way to practice programming on real hardware with no soldering or sewing required!

The on-board Atmega32u4 processor is Arduino compatible so, you can program it with the Arduino IDE and upload code via micro USB. It also has a JST connector, so you can plug in a lipo battery to make your projects portable.

3D Printing & Circuit Playground

There's lots of simple and easy ways to wear circuit playground. This project uses 3D Printing and flexible material to make a bumper and 2-piece strap.

Parts & Supplies

Prerequisite Guides

Let's get familiar with Circuit Playground. Walkthrough the introduction guide.

Last updated on Jul 21, 2016 Published on Jul 20, 2016