MakeCode is Microsoft's drag-and-drop code editor. It makes it easy for beginners and/or kids to get up and running with the Circuit Playground Express. So many options are accessible and easy with MakeCode, and it's really fun to customize and play around with making blinky lights and sounds.

Here's the completed project. Click the Download link at the bottom, plug your Circuit Playground Express into your computer and drag the file onto the resulting CPLAYBOOT drive. 

Or, follow along below to create your own project from scratch.

Code It Yourself

Head to and choose the Circuit Playground Express. Select "New Project" and give it a name. I called mine "PowerPuff."

Click the INPUT tab and drag 3 instances of on button A click into your workspace. Change all 3 button A dropdowns to read pin A1, pin A5 and pin A7respectively, since those are the pins we will connect to.

Add the color! Click the LIGHT tab and drag an instance of show ring into each of the three input blocks. Select the color you want for each. I chose colors that correspond with the outfit color of each PowerPuff Girl. Change colors by clicking the wedge in the center of the ring that shows the color you want, then click each light to make it that color.

Add the sounds. Click the MUSIC tab and drag an instance of play sound into each input block. MakeCode has a variety of sounds you can choose from, so pick your favorite sound for each PowerPuff girl. You can hear what they sound like by using the emulator on the left once you've got the sounds into your project. 

Plug your Circuit Playground Express into your computer using a USB cable. You will see a rainbow animation appear the first time it boots up. Click the tiny Reset button in the middle of the board and the lights will all turn red, then green. When the lights turn green, a new drive will appear on your computer called CPLAYBOOT.

In MakeCode, click the Download button to download your code to a file. Drag this file onto the CPLAYBOOT drive. The Circuit Playground Express will reboot and eject itself. 

Touch the three pads you selected one at a time to make sure you like the light and sound effects. Customize to your heart's content!


If you're having trouble, head over to the Circuit Playground Express tutorial for more troubleshooting ideas.

This guide was first published on Jan 29, 2019. It was last updated on Mar 08, 2024.

This page (Code with MakeCode) was last updated on Mar 08, 2024.

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