Here is the printable image, sized for a small to medium sized candy box.

Open your candy box and cut some of the plastic lining out near the bottom, to make space for the battery box. (It's okay to eat the chocolates that no longer fit.)

Cut a small hole in top of the box near the bottom for the battery connector to come through. Stick the battery case to the inside of the lid with some double sided tape. Stick the Circuit Playground Express on the outside of the box and plug in the battery.

Print out the PowerPuff Girls graphic on some card stock and place it on top of your box to be sure it's a good size. Cut the image out. Use some more double-sided tape to stick it to the front of the box above the Circuit Playground.

Cut three pretty shapes out of a length of copper tape. Taper each at the end so it will fit nicely through one of the holes on the Circuit Playground.  Make your copper tape shapes long enough to reach each PowerPuff girl from her assigned Circuit Playground pin. Mine were about 4" (10 cm) long.

Slide one of your copper tape shapes through the hole at pin A1, one through pin A5 and one through pin A7. Be careful not to cross the tape shapes, or to touch any of the other pads on the Circuit Playground. It's fine to double-up or use multiple pieces of tape to route where you'd like.

Turn the power on using the switch on the battery box. Touch each piece of copper tape in turn, and watch the lights turn on and hear the sounds play.  Hooray!

If you'd like, go back to the code and add custom animations or sounds. See if you can sound an alarm when the candy box is opened!  You don't want anyone stealing your candy. (Hint: use the on shake input)


If it's not working, check to be sure that the copper tape's narrow end is firmly and tightly stuck to the correct pin pad on the Circuit Playground. Make sure the tape is not accidentally touching any of the other pads - this can make it malfunction. Add more layers of tape if needed.

If it's still not working, check your code and make sure you assigned the correct pins, and check to be sure your batteries are fresh/charged.

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