First, a bit of background on the game itself. The rules of the dreidel game are simple. You can play with any set of items for the pieces. It doesn't have to be money. It could be candy!

Everybody starts with the same number of pieces. Then, everybody puts one piece into the pot. Also, anytime there is one or zero pieces in the pot, everybody adds one piece.

Then, everybody takes turns spinning the dreidel. After the dreidel stops spinning and falls, one side will be facing up. This will decide what action you take as follows:

  • Nun ("nothing") - Do nothing
  • Gimel ("Gimme") - Take everything in the pot.
  • Hay ("half") - Take half of the pot.
  • Shin ("put in") - Put one piece in the pot.

When a player runs out of pieces, they are out of the game.

And that's it. Keep playing until someone walks away with a lot of candy. :)

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