The idea of the slouch detector is simple. If the current angle sensed by the Circuit Playground (current_angle) exceeds a preset value (SLOUCH_ANGLE), then we are slouching and should sound an alarm. Here's the code.

# Circuit Playground Slouch Detector v1
# Compute current angle using accelerometer and compare
# to preset slouch angle. Sound alarm if slouching.
# Author: Carter Nelson
# MIT License (
import time
import math
from import cpx

SLOUCH_ANGLE    = 10.0
GRAVITY         = 9.80665

# Loop forever
while True:
    # Compute current angle
    current_angle = math.asin(-cpx.acceleration[2] / GRAVITY)
    current_angle = math.degrees(current_angle)
    # Check if slouching
    if current_angle > SLOUCH_ANGLE:
        cpx.play_tone(800, 0.5)

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