In this guide we will go through the steps to turn your Circuit Playground into a slouch detector. Using one of several pinning options along with various battery supply options, you can then wear your Slouch Detector while sitting at a desk. It will provide a warning if you, well, get a little slouchy - hopefully with reminders, you can keep your good posture and maintain a healthy back!

Required Parts

This project uses the sensors already included on the Circuit Playground so no additional electronics or soldering are required. You will also need some batteries and a holder for the batteries.

Optional Parts

These items help make this project more wearable. There are a couple ways to pin the Circuit Playground in the right location. Additionally, there are a few smaller sized battery options to make it more pocketable. A battery extension cable allows for placing the battery in a different pocket.

Before Starting

If you are new to the Circuit Playground, you may want to first read these overview guides.

This project will use the Arduino IDE. Make sure you have added the board support for the Circuit Playground as well as installed the Circuit Playground library. MUST DO BOTH. This is covered in the guides linked above.

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