Startup and Unlock

To use your Password Vault, first turn it on by flipping the battery switch under the base. It will beep and flash the red LED twice to indicate that it is on and ready.

When you're ready to enter your unlock cod, flip the slide switch on the Circuit Playground. The ring of NeoPixels will light up red. 

Tap your secret, six-digit access sequence on the four copper tape pads.

As you tap each pad, a NeoPixel will turn yellow in sequence as feedback. When all six have been pressed the speaker will buzz with either a low tone to indicate an incorrect code entry, or a higher pitched double beep if correct. The NeoPixels will light red if failed, or green if sucessful.

If you've entered the wrong code you can simply try again -- there is no built in self-destruct option! Once you've entered the correct code the Password Vault is unlocked, and the NeoPixels will light up green.


Password Retrieval

Plug the Password Vault into any computer that needs one of your passwords (this could be any password including the main login, a website, or a game, for example). There is no need to install any drivers -- Circuit Playground is automatically recognized as a USB keyboard.

Since you already unlocked the Password Vault, you may now select which of your ten passwords to use. By default, the first slot is picked -- you can tell by the position of the white NeoPixel.

Press the right button on the Circuit Playground to choose the next slot, cycling through the ten positions.

On the computer, click the mouse into the password field you want to fill -- this could be the login password, a web password, anything really.

You aren't limited to storing passwords in the Password Vault -- anything you'd like to type can be entered. You could, for example, store and retrieve favorite movie quotes, addresses, or even use it as a quick way to paste the Declaration of Independence every time you need it!

Now, press the left button on the Circuit Playground Password Vault and the password will be typed in for you! A dual tone will play on the speaker and the NeoPixel for that password slot will turn blue to indicate that it has been entered.

Your password has been entered, you're in!

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