Hans: Ok good. Now Mho, you’re a resistor, so you go in the middle.

Mho: Ok - let’s do this. Grab onto me guys.

Ruby: Oh it’s working - I’m blinking again!

Mho: Oh - let me see! I don’t see any blinking, Ruby.

Hans: Well, that’s because you disconnected the circuit! Let’s give it another go. Please reconnect us, Mho.

Mho: Ok - let’s do this. Grab on.

Ruby: Ok - I’m working! I’m blinking again!

Mho: I will take your word for it.

Ruby: No really - look!

Mho: Ruby!

Hans Ok guys - group meeting! You’ve got to stay still if we’re going to make a circuit together.

Ruby: Sorry Hans - I just got so excited.

Hans: I understand Ruby, but we need to stick together in order for the power to flow between us.

Mho: Huh - you know making a circuit is harder than I thought.

Hans: Yes - well, there is one thing that would make it much easier.

Ruby: What’s that?!

Hans: A PCB!

Mho: PCBs are awesome - I use them everyday! … what’s a PCB again?

Hans: PCB stands for printed circuit board. A PCB is a stable and sturdy way to connect electronic components like us together!

Ruby: Oh totally - PCBs are the best! There’s a board part, that’s the flat and strong support and then copper circuit traces are printed on top.

Ruby: That keeps LEDs like me, connected and centered.

Hans: Or, integrated circuits like me!

Mho: What about resistors?

Ruby: Of course - and our best friends, Cappy, Connie, Gus, and Billie too!

Hans: Yes! PCBs can be simple, with just a single layer of copper circuit traces … or really complex with multiple layers of connections stacked on top of each other.

Mho: Woah - how many layers can we make?

Hans: Most PCBs are two layer - One top and one bottom. But for advanced circuits like a phone or a computer, there can be up to sixteen layers!

Ruby: Hey guys - this PCB over here would be perfect for us! Check it out!

Mho: Wha - ? You mean we had a PCB over here the whole time?

Hans: Shh - just go with it!

Mho: Uh - Ok.

Hans: Ahh - this is a nice PCB! Very cozy, no?

Ruby: Absolutely - I could blink here forever!

Mho: This is the life …

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